Why Nutral Therapy?

Since 2016, Nutral Therapy combines bee products with science and technology and offers high-quality, safe and healthy products to its consumers.

Nutral Therapy products are produced with the consultancy of UNESCO award-winning biotechnology professor Prof. Dr. Sibel Silici who has been working on bee products for more than 25 years.

Nutral Therapy is located in Erciyes University (Teknopark area), considered among the most respected research universities in Turkey. Nutral Therapy products are produced in the production facility that has ISO 22000: 2018 quality certificate.

Nutral Therapy products collected from Turkey’s high-altitude natural tablelands. Our products are produced with high technology without using alcohol, glycol, chemicals, additivites, colorants or sweeteners.

Nutral Therapy products are analyzed in the TUBITAKTurkey’s Scientific and Technological Research Council.

Legend of Nutral Therapy

Mountains, forests, rivers and seas… Turkey, a country that has four seasons, making life extraordinary with its beautiful nature and vegetation. Our products are collected from bee hives in high altitude higlands far from residential areas, where bees can fly freely in this unique natural wonder. Our contracted beekeepers carefully collect each bee product and deliver it to our R&D Center under suitable conditions. Our received products are subjected to quality control analyzes and transformed into suitable forms in our ISO 22000:2018 Quality Certified production facility while preserving their naturalness.

Our products, which are produced with high technology without using alcohol, glycol, chemicals, additives, colorants and sweeteners. In addition, all our products are packaged with CE certified glass bottles and delivered to you in a quality and healthy way.

Quality Policy

Quality and excellence are the main two foundations of Nutral Therapy, which adopts the principle of offering additive-free and natural products in the bee products industry. Thanks to high quality standarts, Nutral Therapy’s position in the market has been ensured by customer satisfaction.

In order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, we are aware that our every product on the shelf, every service that we offered and every customer feedback is important to us.

As a brand, Nutral Therapy is a brand that gives confidence to its customers, works in compliance with all legal requirements and maintains high quality standards.

Head Office

Asik Veysel Bulvari Erciyes Teknopark 3 No: 14 Melikgazi / Kayseri / Turkey 
(T) 0090 (352) 503 40 40 (F) 0090 (352) 503 40 40

Production Facilities – Export Department

Asik Veysel Bulvari Erciyes Teknopark 2 No: 11 Melikgazi / Kayseri / Turkey 
(T) 0090 (352) 503 40 40 (F) 0090 (352) 503 40 40
(E) export@nutraltherapy.com